Welcome on the website of Intrahaan Constructies

Intrahaan Constructies was created a minor 15 years ago from an acquisition of C. Putters in Sliedrecht. The former activities consisted of creating bases for mobile homes and making ornamental fences.

At a later stage it was also the company van Drunen from Sliedrecht that was taken over which was specialized in making lightweight structures. We have expanded these activities and now we are very active in the dredging industry. Everything that is related to that can be manufactured or repaired, for example, such as:

  • Pontoons
  • Valves
  • Tubes
  • Gangways
  • Etc

We are also specialized in making frames for portacabins.

Intrahaan Constructies is also involved in the manufacturing of new trailers, which are built in cooperation with Intrahaan Onderhoud who is responsible for the technical implementation. In the transportation it turned out 20 years ago that it was a good idea for us to start working with exchange trailers. That is, multiple trailers on loading and unloading locations. All this to reduce the loading and unloading times as much as possible and to bring a little more peace to our customers and our schedule. Therefore we were forced to invest in additional trailers.

Initially there were trailers purchased on the second hand market, but later we have chosen to build the new trailers ourself. This has realized Haan Trailers. First we have made several for Daad Transport (also part of Interhaan Holding) and later we started building them for Intrahaan Transport.

With the loading capacity of our new trailers we distinguish ourself often from our competitors. At the moment we are trying to replace all the older trailers who have had their best time with these new build trailers.

The workshop features various machines necessary for the implementation of the various interests, such as:

  • Pons bank
  • Lathe
  • Various automatic sawing benches
  • Sufficient lifting capacity (up to 25 tons)