Welcome on the website of Intrahaan Transport

Intrahaan transport is specialist in the transport of steel such as:

  • Sheet steel
  • Concrete steel
  • Rondstaal
  • Round steel
  • Coils
  • Structural steel
  • Various other metals

The fleet consists of 28 tractors and about 150 trailers. The most trailers are flat trailers with a length of 13.6 metres, we have also added several extendable trailers, tilt trailers and semi low loaders.

One of the tractors has a 85 ton metres car-mounted crane, we also have 2 tractors with a 40 ton meter car-loading crane.

Most transports we undertake take place in the Benelux + Ruhr area (approximately 90 to 95%). Of course we also come regularly in Northern France and England. And Intrahaan Transport can of course issue a competitive price for all transports.

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